4. #scanhai

    Shanghai is a city that is a complex synthesis of different ideologies and cultures.  How do we begin to understand and represent such a conglomerate place?

    #scanhai is a collection of peculiar moments that make up one of the fastest changing cities in the world.  Using photogrammetry, a 3D scanning technology that allows anyone with a smart phone to create digital 3D models through photography, #scanhai brings agency to the realities of the urban fabric.

    During the Summer of 2014, the initial phase of the project launched when researchers from MIT visited Shanghai and captured a range of 3D samples drawn from their experience of the city.

    In the Winter of 2015, the second phase of #scanhai will share this data-base with the public through exhibitions taking place at McGill University and the MIT. A representative sample of 3-D captured models will be reproduced physically using color 3D-printing and stereo-lithography.  Full-sized reproductions will be created using CNC fabrication. Using 3D motion control, an interactive-visualization will allow the public to explore this the catalogue in its entirety.

    The final phase of #scanhai, slated for the Summer of 2015, involves the creation of an open-source digital platform to allow the general public – tourists and residents – of Shanghai to capture and upload unique spatial conditions into a geo-located database, re-establishing the modern map of the city.


  5. Thanks Rena for sharing this cool drawing with me :) 




  12. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Bruny_Island



  15. Trying to figure out Projection-based 3D texturing today