2. Tasmania (August 2014) 

  5. developing the ultimate generic design tool 

  6. Form-Force Modelling as Design Process

    Bridging the gap between digital and physical design methods, form-force  simulation liberates new possibilities for design. The objective of this prototype is to minimize the interaction time between the virtual model and the physical prototype, by integrating real-time physics simulation into the computer modeling environment.  By closing this loop, a designer will be able to more rapidly iterate through a number of possible form-found solutions and achieve better results. 

    The first iteration of the project addresses the design of inflatable structures as a form-work for composite shell structures. The modeling tool was developed in Processing, a Java-based programming language created for designers &  artists, and utilizes Toxiclib’s Verlet Physics library was used to for the physics simulation. A “leap motion” infrared sensor is used as the interface between the designer and the computer.

    (Source: vimeo.com)


    Creating a new mapping of Shanghai, #scanhai proposes new ways for city-users to discover and share the unique, ephemeral, or even grotesque spatial conditions that emerge in an ever-changing metropolis. Using photogrammetry, a 3-D scanning technology that allows anyone with a smartphone to create digital models by taking photographs, #scanhai seeks not to simply reproduce the physical city but, as James Corner writes in his seminal essay “The Agency of Mapping”, “uncover realities previously unseen or unimagined”. Using photogrammetry to mediate our 2-week trip to Shanghai and the surrounding area in the summer of 2014, we discover that this tool not only challenges the way we see a city but also how we experience and value the things that constitute it.



  11. Z Corp 3D Print of a 3D scan of structure in rural Kenya 

    {17” x 7.5” x 8”)  

  13. Concept diagram for “Mirrors” 


  15. " I, who have felt the horror of mirrors
    Not only in front of the impenetrable crystal
    Where there ends and begins, uninhabitable,
    An impossible space of reflections …

    From Mirrors by Jorge Luis  Borges